Sierra Leone is a resource-rich country with limited human resources to support the potential of foreign direct investment. There is a growing expatriate community, which deprives the much-needed payroll tax revenue. Current and previous administrations place a high premium on the extractive resources at the expense of agriculture and manufacture. The high rate of unemployment presents a unique opportunity for nation rebuilding through strategic public, private partnerships that would create enabling environments for sustainable development and economic growth in the country. To ensure the effectiveness of such an initiative, Sierra Leone needs to establish and maintain an infrastructure that supports a trend for responsible (domestic, regional, and international) and inclusive investment opportunities.


Sustainable capacity building in all developmental sectors through the utility of SANUSI’s I.A.M.

  • Research and Consulting
  • Training Opportunities
  • Mentor-mentee/protégé partnerships
  • Internship and Service-Learning Engagement


Establishing and leading an innovative research and development culture in Sierra Leone.