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Cost and impact of COVID in Sierra Leone :


SANUSI places a high premium on investigative research to ensure that our team of research professionals deliver updated information and analysis in the management of the data we present to our clientele to assist in decision-making for investment in the developmental sectors in the country. Utilizing the innovative Fractal Gridding methodology, we present a snapshot to provide a descriptive, relational, comparative, and causal analysis of the data sets.

Mentor-Mentee/Protégé :

The business climate in Sierra Leone affords a culture of corporate social responsibility that establishes a platform for a mentorship program; and introducing and sustaining internship and service-learning engagements that fosters sustainable capacity building.


The competitive global market economy is bullish and tends to marginalize ill-prepared economic communities in navigating fast-paced and dynamic business environments. SANUSI professionals have combined talent and expertise in business forecast, and economic analysis that facilitates public, private, partnership agreements with a view to creating an enabling environment that focuses on risk mitigation for favorable return on investments.

Internship & Service-Learning: