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Sanusi Research & Consulting

Is a Sierra Leonean entrepreneur with a wide range of professional expertise. He has worked in media with African Press Agency (APA News) in Dakar, Senegal, where his investigative quest led him to address the economic and business developmental challenges in the West African region. An advocate to eradicate the culture of corruption in Sierra Leone, Jalloh has pledged his commitment to bridge the growing chasm between citizen and government, and work in partnership to build and sustain an enabling environment that promotes transparency, accountability and responsibility in government and governance.

Jalloh completed his undergraduate work, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with emphasis on Markets and Politics at Université de Dakar-Bourguiba, in Dakar, Senegal – followed by graduate work in Banking and Financing from the same academic institution. His passion for national development led him to pursue graduate work at the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) in Laxenberg, Austria, where he earned a Master of Arts in Anti-Corruption Studies. His master’s thesis investigated the intersection of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and the influences of bribery and conflict of interest in the extractive resource industry , and the resultant paradox of plenty in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Is Sierra Leonean-American Global Strategist and entrepreneur with a passionate concentration on conception of human development, health, wellbeing, and their significant impact on the pressures of living in a space-time age, with specific application of the role the African Diaspora on an evolving world stage. Dr. Thompson’s leadership abilities have been instrumental in internal and external institutional inspection and accreditation procedures and processes; and has served in functioning roles in various directorial capacities, working in the conceptualizing, building, and implementing program components and design to deliver holistic training and framework for evaluation.

He is a disciplined professional with advanced degrees in medicine and science from the world-renowned University of Michigan. Dr. Thompson has worked in private practice, but has translated his passion for research, data acquisition and analysis for clinical, academic, and regulatory purposes; and knowledge transfer and capacity building into teaching basic sciences, ongoing research in molecular pharmacology, graduate medical education; and served as a mentor/trainer to physicians in post-graduate training programs, medical and allied health students in complex multi-disciplinary settings. Dr. Thompson is currently active in practicing acute care medicine. He resides in Michigan, USA with his wife and family, and serves in a volunteer capacity at Commission of Ministries of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan.